Easy Summer Snacks for On the Go

by admin on June 29, 2013

Easy summer snacks aren’t just for kids. Summer is a time when we want to take advantage of the nice weather so we’re on the go even more than normal. So finding healthy snacks that are easy to carry while on the go is the goal for diet success.Whether you find yourself running kids to baseball practice or you’re heading out to a water park or some other summer-related event or occasion, it’s a good idea to tuck some easy summer snacks in your bag to have on hand when hunger strikes. Let’s face it, the unexpected happens!.Part of the battle to lose weight is to find ways to deal with the unexpected. With a busy summer schedule, it’s not unusual to get caught up in what’s going on. Vacations are another summer event that can derail our best intentions when it comes to eating a healthy diet. While there are many easy summer snacks, the easiest to carry while on the run are fruits. They come with their own “wrapper” and don’t need to be refrigerated or eaten with a utensil. A wide assortment of fruits come into season during the summer months giving you variety so you won’t get bored. Choices include:BerriesPeachesPearsApricotsNectarinesPlumsSliced melonsWhile fruit works for calorie restricted diets, easy summer snacks that work for a low carb diet include things like string cheese and jerkey. Another possibility is nuts like almonds. You can eat an ounce (about 24 nuts) for just to 2 grams of carbohydrates.Snacks are part of many healthy eating plans. The key is to remember that a snack does not equal a meal, it should be a light between-meal food eaten when you’re hungry.

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