Different Types of Fasting for Health

by admin on June 12, 2013

People fast for different reasons, but today I want to talk about different types of fasting for health.

What comes to mind when you hear the word fasting? I think about eating no food. This approach is called a complete fast. The only thing you take in is water.

Partial Fast

A more common way to approach fasting for health is a partial fast. This means giving up certain kinds of food or giving up one or two meals a day. This could mean giving up sugar or limiting meals for a pre-determined amount of time.

Daniel Fast

Fasting has been part of various religious cultures, and some of these fasts such as the Daniel Fast are now used by people as a means to weight loss and better health. This fast is based on the biblical account of a man named Daniel. When carried away to Babylon, as a captive being trained for the King’s service, he refused the king’s food and asked for vegetables only. The guard worried the change in diet would not be healthy and as a result he would get in trouble. Daniel talked him into a trial period and ate only vegetables and water for that time. While Daniel didn’t consider this a fast but a matter of conscience, today it is embraced as a healthy fast by people seeking better health and a closer walk with God.

Juice Fast

Of the different types of fasting for health, one of the most popular is the juice fast. This form of fasting has a variety of approaches. The premise behind this fast is that fresh juices provide necessary nutrition and energy while detoxifying the body. A juice fast can be followed for one day, two days, seven days…I’ve known people to do it for an entire month.

Fasting can be beneficial, but before you follow a fast talk with your doctor.

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